What’s New

My book, Food Sobriety  is both a practical weight-loss guide and a meditation on themes of social justice and the role of diet in our changing world. You can buy on Amazon for $12.95 or you can download the PDF here for $3. The PDF is available in Spanish, English, and in dual-language format. In 2020 the paperbacks in Spanish and dual language were published as well. El verision en Espanol esta disponible aqui en Amazon   and the dual language version is also on Amazon/y la versión en dos idiomas también está en Amazon 

I’ve also released a companion documentary short, A Faustian Bargain. In this dual-language (Spanish/English) film I look at the rapidly growing obesity epidemic in Nicaragua through the lens of local residents and health care practitioners. Professors and health educators are using the book and video in both Latin America and the USA.

Both the book and the documentary short were inspired by my years in Nicaragua, including my recent stint as a Fulbright Scholar.

What’s Next

In the USA I have been giving talks and screening my documentary short at universities, healthcare facilities, and conferences to help raise awareness about global obesity, and I am starting in 2020 to do the same work in Latin America.

I AM SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES TO SPEAK. If you are interested in having me come and present to your institution, event, or group please contact me at dfenyvesi [at] hotmail [dot] com

I can tailor my talks to the specific audiences, such as providing cultural competency training for heathcare providers or a broad overview for undergraduate students from all disciplines.

And Coming Soon:

  • A audio book version, in both Spanish. This will be available here.
April 2015  | After conducting nutrition surveys in the northern mountains outside of Barrio Nuevo, Nicaragua, two of my nutrition students join me in posing with locals. We’re waiting for the bus to arrive with all of our equipment. The reports generated from this trip are available on request.