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October 2018  |  Integrative dietitian Mary Purdy interviewed me for her nutrition podcast, "How to Lose Weight, Lessons from Latin America." We had a great time chatting about different perspectives on weight, culture, and diet.

August 2018  |  I was interviewed by What RDs Do. The interview offers a concise synopsis of my work, both domestic and abroad.

July 2018  |  I was featured as the member of the month and interviewed by the group Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

March 2016  |  I had a video conversation with Ethan Goffman from, an online environmental magazine, about my work in Nicaragua and about environment, global health and obesity, and other issues.

November 2013  |  I was featured on Bastyr University's website in an article about my 2014 Fulbright-funded work in Nicaragua.


NAMLO Survey |  In 2015 I conducted a nutrition survey funded by UNAN in partnership with Namlo International, in which I assessed the diets, health, and socioeconomic status of Nicaraguans in five poor, isolated communities. I also assessed general knowledge about nutrition. Here is a summary of the results, and here you will find the whole report.

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Every day in the U.S. you can run across news about the negative health effects of obesity, scientific studies about the health effects of various foods and supplements, and outlandish claims about the latest superfood trend. One of the reasons I published my book and produced the documentary is to add some clarity and perspective to the tidal wave of information.

While I am proud to share both Food Sobriety and A Faustian Bargain, my intent in publicizing this message is more than self-promotion. As a public health advocate, I intend to use my experience, together with these pieces I’ve created, as a platform from which to spark dialogue, increase awareness, and work towards improved health and social justice in Latin America and the United States.

In addition to my lecture schedule, I hope to connect with interested members of the media to help this message travel further. Whether your focus is public health, the environment, international aid and volunteerism, or medicine (or something else — let me know!), I’d welcome the opportunity to reach as many audiences as possible. Please download a copy of my press release (below), or contact me directly to arrange a conversation. Thank you!

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